Web Design Pricing South Africa: 3 Popular Models

Web Design Pricing South Africa: 3 Popular Models

This is an overview of web design pricing South Africa: 3 popular pricing models.

In this overview you will learn:

  • How most businesses in South Africa prefer to pay for their websites.
  • About web design pricing South Africa: 3 popular models
  • Why most businesses choose a once-off payment option.
  • An affordable way you can pay your website
  • And more


Establishing an online presence for your small business is absolutely imperative today. With the current global pandemic (Covid-19) you may be considering getting a website for your business but not sure which pricing model is suitable for you. South Africa has three most popular web design pricing models: Once-Off, Value-based and Pay Monthly Web Design. How you pay for your website depends on your business and website goals.

Your website is a solid foundation of your entire digital marketing strategy and therefore clarifying its purpose will surely pay off. Website goals might seem unfamiliar to you but here are the most common:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Collect sales leads
  • Sell products
  • Showcase products or services

The list is long but for most small businesses you will find that they either want to collect sales leads, build brand awareness, or sell products. Without further ado let’s jump straight to the first of 3 web design South Africa pricing model:

Once-off web design pricing model

Most businesses in South Africa are likely to go for a one-off web design pricing as it thought to be the better choice. Even among web designers that claim to offer affordable prices, this their preferred method. The one thing you may not be aware of is that, building a website is not a once-off task, there’s maintenance that needs to be done.

What you need to know about once-off website prices

You don’t pay for work not done: the biggest advantage of paying once for your website is that you don’t pay when no one is working on your website. Meaning hosting is the only monthly expense you need to worry about unless you have a company doing your SEO and PPC campaigns.

You are responsible for your website maintenance: if your website is built using WordPress or a similar Content Management System, there are plugins used to extend its functionality. Plugin authors release regular updates which may include security patches. These updates sometimes can cause conflict with the version of your CMS or PHP which may break your site.

You pay for every little help you need: once you sign-off your website, each time you need help from your web designer, you will be billed at an hourly rate. Some web design companies will charge a flat fee based on what you need updated or fixed on your website.

You are responsible for your website security: websites do get hacked, with that said there are plugins like WordFence which you can use to minimize the risks if you have a WordPress website. However, the free versions can only do so much, hackers may bypass the security, and when that happens the cost to get expert help is high. For premium version users, if your website gets hacked you can get expert help from a plugin author at no additional costs.

Value-based web design pricing

With this kind of pricing model, you buy results rather than hours from your web designer. This is much more valuable to your business than any other web design pricing model. Unlike once-off and pay monthly web design, a value-based pricing model is used by reputable design agencies and experienced professionals. To sum it up, you are paying a fixed amount based on the projected outcome of your project.

How does a value-based web design pricing model work?

Let’s say you’re an upholsterer with an existing website which you use to collect sales leads. Each month you get an average of 500 visitors and you only convert about 3% which makes up 15 sales leads a month. And the average value of each sales lead is R3500.

After auditing your website, the designer is confident that they can increase your sales by up to 5x (15%) each month. That means you will get an additional 60 sales leads a month and your web designer might charge you 5 or 10% percent of what your business could potentially make after 12 months.

What happens if you don’t have an existing website?

Well, the same scenario will apply, in this case, the designer will still want to know the average value of each sales lead. After doing market research, your designer will discuss a marketing plan for your new website. After which they’ll create a high-converting website and project sales leads it can at least convert each month.

Pay monthly web design pricing model

Paying for your website monthly allows you to receive continuous support from your web design agency or designer. Furthermore, you will combine most of your website’s expenses into one affordable monthly price and these include:

  • Domain registration and annual renewal fees
  • Web and email hosting
  • Website maintenance
  • Support and scheduled updates

At our agency Co. Web Design, we add value to our pay monthly web design pricing by ensuring your website ranks for up to 10 SEO keywords depending on which package you choose. By doing this:

  • Search engines like Google will understand your website content and index your website pages faster.
  • Your website will attract people that are interested in your offering.
  • Over time you will start to see an increase in organic traffic which you can convert into sales leads.
  • We will also continue to improve your landing pages to increase your conversion rate.

Co. Web Design Cape Town is a division of 2Colour Bean

So which web design pricing model is suitable for you?

Well, before you decide on a suitable web design pricing model, you need to consider your business goals and define your website’s purpose. Now that you know the 3 web design pricing South Africa models and their advantages we hope this will be helpful to you.

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Msimelelo Makatesi is a graphic designer in Cape Town with an interest in branding, packaging design and WordPress website design.

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