Monthly Web Design Packages South Africa

Monthly Web Design Packages South Africa

What is the cost of monthly web design packages in South Africa

Monthly websites are the most affordable and safest way to get a business website today. In South Africa, monthly web design packages are priced from as low as R99pm to R1019pm. What this means is that you can pay a small fee of R99, launch your website and start promoting it right away. So you can even start getting business in before you even spend R500 on your website if you start promoting your website as soon as it goes live.

What does this mean for people who are starting up in business?

As a startup or small business owner, this means three things for you:

  • You’re getting a website for a small fee.
  • Your website can pay for itself after launch.
  • You can focus on converting leads to paying customers.

Getting a website for a small fee

Ditch 50% upfront deposit fees, get yourself a website for a small fee and start marketing your products or services. After launching a newly designed website nobody knows about it, not even Google. This is why if you don’t have a plan or a marketing strategy in place you’ll find yourself giving up your website thinking it’s not worth it. So, rather than paying an R4500 upfront website deposit, you can allocate that money on your Facebook or Google ads to get your first paying customers.

The website can pay for itself after launch

One of the greatest benefits of a pay monthly web design package is that your website can start paying for itself as early as the second monthly payment. To do this, all you need to do is launch a Facebook or Google Adwords campaign targeting people that might be interested in your offer. If you’re new to digital marketing, I suggest you start with Facebook ads unless you plan to hire a digital marketing agency. Facebook ads are cheaper than Google Adwords.

Even though Google will only charge you each time a searcher clicks on your ad, it is possible that the searcher wasn’t looking for services. This happens a lot to people who are new to advertising on Google because they either do not know which keyword targeting options are available.

On the other hand, Facebook bills you per impression, so this means each time your ad is shown, Facebook charges you. But what I like about Facebook advertising is its cost-efficiency, people are always on social media and creating audiences is super simple. One other thing, advertising on Facebook allows you to interact with people that are engaging with your ad.

Focus on converting leads to paying customers

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is guaranteed to get you instant results if you set up and optimise your campaign properly. Because you’ll spend money to get leads for your business, you need to have a good sales team to convert those leads to paying customers. A high converting website will ensure you convert most of your website traffic and a good sales team will turn those leads into paying customers. So the money you would’ve spent as a deposit for your website can get you paying clients within a week after your website goes live.

Other packs that come with pay monthly web design packages

1. A dedicated web designer
2, One easy to pay monthly package
3. On-going website support

Dedicated web designer

Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own web designer available each time you needed help on your website? Hiring an in-house web designer comes with more responsibilities than solutions. The current average hourly rate for an in-house web designer in South Africa is R295 which’s about R7080 for a 6hr day per month. Web design companies that offer monthly websites allow you to have your own dedicated web designer for a reasonable amount of hours per month.

One easy to pay monthly package

When signing up for a monthly website service, all costs that are associated with the design and management of your website are reduced to one easy to pay monthly web design package. Monthly website packages include:

1. Web hosting and domain
2. Responsive website design
3. Website maintenance
4. And more

Web hosting and domain registration

Web hosting refers to a shared or dedicated space allocated for your website on a hosting company server. The domain a unique name usually your brand or products name tied to a unique IP address used by web browsers to fetch all files that make up your website from the hosting company server. Web hosting fees are paid on a monthly basis and these usually cost around R99pm for sufficient resources to handle a 3 – 5 page website and up to 5 email accounts.

Responsive website design

As part of signing up for a monthly web design package is getting a custom website design for your business. A few years ago, Google introduced mobile-first web design as part of their most important ranking factors. This was influenced by the popularity of mobile devices accessing the internet today. Now more than ever, responsive website design is crucial for any business that wants to deliver the best user experience for its users.

Website maintenance

A website is not a one-off project, you need to constantly monitor its performance, update existing content and add new content to make it more user-friendly. Another aspect of website maintenance is security. If hackers gain access to your website and Google sees it, your website can be banned from ever appearing in search results. The costs of getting your website unbanned are greater than paying a small monthly web design fee.

And more

Other web design companies like 2Colour Bean include an on-going SEO in the monthly web design package. Now that’s the icing on top for your business. SEO is a long-term digital marketing method that continues to pay dividends over time. SEO agencies like SEOFox charge from R1450 for a basic SEO campaign, so if you don’t have much of a budget yet, 2Colour Bean’s web design service will be the best bet for you.


Monthly websites are the best alternative for start-up and small business owners. In South Africa, monthly web design packages costs range from R99pm to R1019pm. This simply means you can ditch the 50% upfront deposit fees, go live for a small monthly fee and start promoting immediately. Now that can lead you to get your first paying customer in a week’s time after launching your website. I hope you find this article useful and if you need help with a logo design or website don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Msimelelo Makatesi is a graphic designer in Cape Town with an interest in branding, packaging design and WordPress website design.

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