Monthly payment websites small businesses best web solution

Monthly payment websites small businesses best web solution

As a small business owner, I’m pretty sure even if you don’t have a website yet, by looking at your competitors you can see the impact it can make on your business.

If pricing is the main reason you still don’t have a website, I’ve good news for you, monthly payment websites. This is a better and affordable website design solution for most small businesses that have been struggling to get websites due to financial reasons. It’s affordable, you don’t have to save for months before you can hire a professional to design your website.

Since this is an ongoing service, you might think to yourself maybe it’s better to go with a once off-web solution. Of course, paying once sounds like a sweet deal but in today’s world websites need much more care after launch. Before you hire a web designer, one of your goals is to get a website and maybe your other goal is to increase sale, drive more traffic or convert more visitors to customer leads.

Once your site is live you achieved your first goal, meaning your business now has a website which it didn’t have before. Now, the next step is to work towards achieving your other goal, either increase customer leads, sales or drive more traffic to your website. This won’t happen overnight after launching the website, in fact, for the first 3 months, you will get valuable insights if analytic software is installed to track the activity on your website.

Why monthly payment websites are the best solution for small businesses?

When you signup for a monthly web design service, you’re not only getting your desired website design but you also get tons of benefits that come with monthly websites. On the other hand, if you decide to go with once-off web design solutions, once the website is live you’re on your own and you need to be prepared to pay for every little change you want to make.


Let’s first look at website design prices in South Africa. Truly speaking, getting a website designed in South Africa doesn’t cost you an arm and the leg. In fact, a website in South Africa can cost you as low as R1500 for once-off websites or R99pm for monthly payment websites. But when it comes to website maintenance and management, monthly websites take the crown.

If you pay a monthly website design service, you get allocated an x amount of hours each month that you can use to update your website. So, if you decided you want to change the layout of a specific page, you can just send an email and your dedicated designer will take care of the change within 24 – 48hrs. On the flip side, if you paid a fixed amount for your website, your designer will bill you for the requested change usually at an hourly rate.

From what I’ve seen people are so used to getting things for free. If you are serious about business you should know web designers are also into business to make profits and grow their businesses. They cannot continue to offer their services at low prices because they can’t grow their businesses. With the demand for affordable website solutions, web design companies came-up with a solution, monthly payment websites.


Most people request quotes for a basic 5-page website but they’re not sure if they need so many pages or not. When starting, if you don’t have the capacity to hire a professional copywriter, I always recommend starting with a single pager website. As time goes, you’ll identify which products or services people inquire about the most then create dedicated pages for those. This is a great way to build a website since you’re adding content that answers their problems.

Maintenance and security

Websites today are more vulnerable to cyber attacking and if your website is not protected and monitored 24/7 you might be risking your websites visitors sensitive information. Monthly websites again take the crown here, your website is protected 24/7 and should there be a problem it’ll be taken care of immediately to ensure the safety of your visitors and to avoid being penalised by Google.

Hosting and domain

A domain is the address of your website ( while web hosting is the storage that keeps all of your website files. Without web hosting, your website is nonexistent and your domain name would point to nowhere. Most website design companies partner with best-hosting companies to ensure their client websites are secure and load faster for their website visitors.


In conclusion, monthly payment websites are the best bet for most small businesses as they come with tons of benefits for a low monthly fee. This a great deal because you don’t have to save for months before you have a website and still have to pay for every little change you want to be done to your website.

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Msimelelo Makatesi is a graphic designer in Cape Town with an interest in branding, packaging design and WordPress website design.

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