Be you.
Be unique.
Make a difference.

We’re a branding agency in Cape Town that believes in uniqueness and making a difference by adding value to the growth of your small business.


Create a strong brand visual image to build initial trust with customers and make a lasting impression.

Web design

Build a website with design elements working together to turn visitors into prospects or sales leads.


Optimise your website to load faster, help users navigate with ease and increase organic SEO traffic from Google.

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Our brand is built up on these values

Be you

What does it mean to us to be you?

Staying true to our brand values of believing in uniqueness and making a difference.

Be unique

What does it mean to us to be unique?

Creating a unique visual expression and personality that differentiates your brand.

Make a difference

How do we make a difference?

We do what we love to do to help you make the difference you want to make.

Get help with design and digital marketing from a self-taught designer and SEO

Started in 2014, over the years I’ve taught myself how to design a good logo. Now I know how branding done right can add significant value to any kind of business. Marketing my own brand online has earned me some good SEO skills that I use to be visible enough in Google search results. Do you think my branding experience and SEO knowledge can add value to your own business?


Design a beautiful logo and visual identity design for your brand

Website and SEO

Develop a website that’ll help you reach more targeted people

Featured article

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