Packaging design: we're a professional design studio in Cape Town, designers of creative product labels and packaging that attract the shopper's eyes

When you hire a packaging design design expert you want them to:
  • Come up with a unique logo design for your products.
  • Design attractive packaging or product labels that sticks out in the shelves.
  • Choose a unique colour palette & typeface that reinforces your brand and give your products the right value.
And that is what we do at our design studio:
  • As a graphic designer myself I know the importance of aesthetics in products.
  • We take time to listen to your packaging requirements and propose a solution.
  • We conduct an industry research to ensure your product’s packaging is unique.
Spoon and Half Coffee Packaging Design Cape Town

What we offer?

We offer custom packaging design to South African entrepreneurs based in our Cape Town design studio. There are so many good product packaging design companies in Cape Town, we may be a good fit for your product branding project if you:
  • Are looking for packaging or label design services.
  • Like simplicity in design because you know good design is simple.
  • Are willing to work with us, trust us as your design consultants and consider our advice.
And if you’re happy with that, here’s what you can expect:
  • Custom design – we will conduct competition analysis to ensure your packaging doesn’t look like something else.
  • Appropriate options – we’ll present to you up to 3 packaging design options for consideration to suit your design style and preferences.
  • Typeface & matching colour – we will carefully select font(s) and matching colour palette to reinforce your brand and give your products the right value.
Alocup Packaging Design Cape Town

How much does packaging design cost?

Pricing packaging design is tricky, you first need to know the product you’re design for, the packaging type, size etc. So, in order for us to provide you with the most affordable packaging design price or quote, you must first send us your product details including the package image samples and dimensions. Also please mention if you will require a logo to be designed for your products.

Ready to get started with your product packaging design project?

There are thousands of other service providers out there, putting a proposal in front of you that talks about how our thoughtful creative and strategic approach to design delivers good results for your brand or company is an honor. Use the contact form below to brief us about your project. We can not wait to hear from you and hopefully work together.

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