Logo design pricing overview – how much a logo design cost in South Africa

logo design pricing how much logo design cost in South Africa

This is a complete overview of logo design pricing South Africa

In this overview you’ll learn:

  • How much logo design cost in South Africa
  • What’s the minimum budget you need to get a decent logo design
  • Why established agencies and experienced designers charge more
  • Which budget range I’m comfortable with for logo design projects
  • And more

Let’s get to it.

How much a logo design costs in South Africa?

Most logo design companies that work with startups charge between R950 – R5000 for a decent startup logo. However brand design is a service, therefore pricing a logo before you even know the brand, the audience, project timelines e.t.c is gambling.

What’s the best way to get a logo design?

Branding agencies and experienced professional designers trust the process. Even though they have helped hundreds of other companies with their branding, they still follow the same process knowing your brand and your design requirements before estimating branding costs and timelines.

How logo design pricing work at established branding agencies?

If you choose to work with established branding agencies you can expect to pay a good decent amount of money, but their logo designs are worth every cent. It’s harder to estimate how much they’re going to charge you for your logo design, since they charge based on your requirements. What I can tell you is that you can pay double the amount paid by a startup company if you are rebranding an existing company.

Why do established graphic design companies charge different prices for similar projects?

Different companies might be in the same industry, selling the exact same product or service but they’re not the same. How you sell that same product is different from how the competitor does. There are also other factors like brand positioning, product value, timeframe and more that also play a key role in pricing branding projects. These are some of the reasons why established graphic design companies charge different prices for similar projects.

Do you need a good logo and branding at affordable rates?

I’m an experienced brand design expert working with startups and small businesses in South Africa to design meaningful brand identities for their brands. For a budget not less than R2490, we do take on a few number of branding projects. If this is logo design price you’re comfortable with? Please click here to see how we can best help you.

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