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What is the logo design price in South Africa?

The price of a logo design in South Africa is anywhere between R500 to R10 000+, however, if you’re looking for a decent startup logo at an affordable price, you can expect to pay around R950 to R5000. The price you pay for a logo depends on who designs it for you and the quality of their work. Remember, a logo plays a vital role in your branding and marketing. It’s what consumers identify you with and helps them remember who you are. So, the amount you invest in the design of your logo will get you the results that match the price.

Hiring a professional designer or established design agency ensures they position your brand to occupy a distinctive place in the minds of your target market. Although working with a seasoned creative designer comes at a price, keep in mind you want to set yourself apart from the pack and get the recognition you need to claim the market share in your industry.

How much a logo design costs in South Africa?

What options do you have for designing a logo?

Well, there are three ways you can get a logo; using a logo maker, hiring a freelance designer, or working with a reputable digital design agency. Going the DIY route using a logo maker is the most affordable and quickest way to get your logo.

The best thing about logo makers is that you ditch the hefty logo prices a freelancer or graphic design agency charge for a logo. The price you pay is that you skip all the vital steps in designing of a professional logo. In the end, you get a generic-looking logo that says nothing about who you are and what you stand for.

On the flip side, as I mentioned earlier, working with professional designers ensures they position your brand to take up a special space in the minds of people you plan to sell to. How do they achieve this? You might ask.

Design agencies and freelancers have systems and processes in place that guide them in every project they work on. Whether they work on a website redesign, a packaging design, or a logo design project, the process is very much the same. Here’s how professional logo designers do it:

01. Brand evaluation

During the discovery phase, logo designers try to understand what embodies your brand.

They do this through logo design brief questionnaire or an in person meeting with you. Whichever briefing method that works for you, keep in mind this is a very important step in designing a logo.

02. Industry research

We’ve had instances where a client says they do not have competition. Honestly, the idea you have already exists. All you need to do is try to do it better. This is where industry research comes in. Your competitors might not be available online and that’s an advantage for you.

When conducting industry research for a logo design project, you can gather:

  • what techniques work for logos in your industry, from colours to shapes and fonts.
  • The logo techniques that are overused such that they look generic.
  • Ignored design techniques that might create an opportunity to stand out.
  • what customers dominate your industry (or which consumers your rivals prefer to target)

03. Identify possible logo applications

Identifying where your logo will be used earlier on for both digital and physically helps designers make informed design decisions. This might sound like a daugnting task but it’s easier than you think. It all boils down to how you intend to market to your niche. For example, you might be interested in doing only digital marketing and advertise on Youtube videos, paid Facebook ads, Google ads and SEO.

With this approach, your designer will ensure your logo remains visible on smaller devices, even if it’s used on a web or social media banner. How will you know if it will work well? Usually designers present logos in mockups that help you see how it will look like in the real world. These include business cards, mobile apps, social media kits and more.

04. Sketching of logo ideas

During this phase, the team behind your logo will sketch a variety of logo concepts on paper. Some designers skip through this step and jump straight to their digital design software.

For most graphic designers, sketching ideas on paper helps them to come up with as many concepts as possible and to avoid creative block. It’s actually easier and faster to draw what’s on your mind on paper than using a vector editing software.

05. Digitization of logo concepts

There’s no set limit for sketching ideas on paper, however, when it’s time to digitize the concepts freelancers and design agencies pick only three best ideas from those they sketched on paper.

It might tempt you to want to see all these concepts digitized so you can pick the best logo idea, but digitizing artwork is time-consuming, so cutting down to two or three ideas will save time and budget.

06. Feedback and refinement

Another great thing about working with a professional is that your opinion matters the most. After digitizing logo concepts, they will present them to you in various mockups, from print to digital applications.

This gives you an opportunity to see how each logo idea will look like when applied in the real world. During this phase, they expect you to give constructive feedback so the designers can further refine the logo if it need be.

07. Preparation of logo files

With your logo done, it’s time to get your logo files. Most designers if not all will send your logo files in PDF, EPS, PNG and JPEG image files.

How much do we charge to design a logo?

Logo design pricing is one of the most talked-about topics. We understand that most people turn to logo makers not because they want to—sometimes they feel a logo design company charges more than they can afford. Therefore, we keep our logo design prices low and offer you corporate identity packages that you can afford. Our budget-friendly logo design packages start at R1350 and comprise logo design, business cards, stationery, social media kit, and company profile design.

Branding Package I R1350

  • Logo design—make a lasting impression with a unique brandmark and help people identify who you truly are.
  • Social media kit—a great way to show off your business and help to promote your products or services to your social media audience.
  • Email signature—establish and reinforce who you are as a company. Your email signature is the perfect opportunity to brand every message you or your employees send.

Branding Package II R2450

  • Logo design—make a lasting impression with a unique brandmark and help people identify who you truly are.
  • Social media kit—a great way to show off your business and help to promote your products or services.
  • Email signature—establish and reinforce who you are as a company. Your email signature is the perfect opportunity to brand every message you or your employees send.
  • Business card—a personal way to share your contact information, make a great first impression, show that you are prepared and fuel conversation further.
  • Letterhead—one of the most important printing collaterals in your business. A letterhead is more than just a means of correspondence. It’s also a physical representation of your company.
  • Company Profile—showcase all about your business and tells your brand story in a creative company profile design to impress investors and potential customers.

Website design R2850

  • Homepage—a beautiful landing page designed to build trust, communicate value, and navigate your website visitors to the next step.
  • 4 Additional pages—these can be the services, about us, blog or contact us pages.
  • Responsive design—to give your user the same browsing experience regardless of the device they’re accessing your website from desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • Once-off search engine optimisation—optimisation of individual pages to improve user experience and increase your site’s chances of ranking in SERPs.
  • Contact form—can be a general contact form or a lead generation form which you can use to collect user data such as phone numbers, email addresses and their names.
  • Opt-in form—if you plan to build a contact list database, we can integrate your MailChimp account.

How logo design pricing work at established branding agencies?

Branding agencies and experienced professional designers trust the process. Even though they have helped hundreds of other companies with their branding, they still follow the same process of knowing your brand and your design requirements before estimating branding costs and timelines. If you choose to work with established branding agencies you can expect to pay a good decent amount of money, but their logo designs are worth every cent.

It’s harder to estimate how much they’re going to charge you for your logo design since they do not offer fixed branding packages and charge based on your requirements. What I can tell you is that you can pay double the amount paid by a startup company if you are rebranding an existing company. Different companies might be in the same industry, selling the same product or service, but they’re not the same.

How you sell same product differs from how the competitor does. There are also factors like brand positioning, product value, timeframe, and more that also play a key role in pricing branding projects. These are some reasons established graphic design companies charge different prices for similar projects.


Last word, a logo design price in South Africa isn’t so bad, you can get a decent logo from R950 to R5000. However, the amount you will pay depends on who you hire to design your logo and their quality of work. Using a logo maker can cost you nothing but you will end with a generic-looking logo. On the other hand, if you decide to get a professional help, you will pay a good amount of money but the logo you end up with is worth the investment you make.

Are you ready to invest in your business branding?

I’m an experienced brand design expert working with startups and small businesses in South Africa to design meaningful brand identities for their brands. For a budget not less than R1650, we take on a few numbers of branding projects. If this is the logo design price you’re comfortable with?

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