Logo Design Packages South Africa

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The most affordable logo design packages South Africa has to offer. 

Branding package I

Branding Package I

Branding package II

Branding Package II

Website and logo design package

Website and Logo Design Package

Logo design custom packages

Your logo is what reflects your company in front of customers. It communicates your brand identity. A logo should have meaning and purpose. It should be memorable and unique. As company branding and logo design experts, we spend a great amount time finding the best color, fonts and shapes perfectly match your brand’s personality. We also ensure your logo goes well with other visual identity elements such as company profiles, package design, business cards, website design and more. We offer three affordable logo design pricing packages :
  • Branding Package I
  • Branding Package II
  • Website and Logo Design Package
Logo Design Packages South Africa

What is included in a logo design package?

Our logo design and branding packages include: l
  • Logo,
  • Business card
  • Letterhead,
  • Email signature
  • Company profile
  • Website design
  • Social media branding kit.

How we deliver your logo and branding package?

The final deliverables include an original vector files, JPEGs and PNG files of your logo.

  • Business card – delivered in print-ready PDF.
  • Letterhead – delivered in print-ready PDF and M.S Word document.
  • Email signature – delivered a JPEG image or HTML.
  • Company profile – delivered as print-ready PDF and PowerPoint version is optional.

Why we don’t offer premade logo design packages?

Unlike logo generators, we do not offer premade logo designs packages as they lack professionalism leaving your company with a generic-looking brand identity image. All our designs are designed based on your brief and research finding.

We design custom logos to help you standout

A custom logo helps your brand stand out. While a logo template looks beautiful, wait until you put in your company name and you start noticing it looks beautiful as a template because the design is made with the fractious name on it.

When you a hire a professional graphic designer, they ensure your logo is unique and industry relevant.

Our designs are based on brief and research findings

As professional logo designers, we designed based on brief and research this ensure each brand identity project we work on is unique and sets you apart from the pack. We believe no two brands are the same, this is why we follow a tried and tested process.

Why do you need a logo?

So, how does a logo help grab attention? By making an immediate and clear association with what you do. Your logo should be unique, distinctive, memorable, and easily recognized. That’s because logos are used to make an initial connection between your company and the client or consumer. For example, if I give my friend a baseball card, he knows it’s me. But if I give him a business card, there may be a few other people who share my name and my style of handwriting, so he needs to check back with me before identifying the card as mine. So, how does a great logo stand out? By being simple, clean, legible, attractive, easy to remember, and having a distinct visual style.

A small business logo is probably the most critical tool in your product promotion arsenal. It’s not just a random mark. It provides your small business with an identity that represents your core values and your mission. If executed properly, that identity can immediately sell your brand to prospective customers.

Logo branding package

Branding package is a collection of visual identity elements that you need to effectively market to your niche. These include items like business card designs, company  letterheads, business profile designs, business websites and a lot more.

Many people refer to a branding package as logo design package. This is because a logo is the key element in the visual identity project. So, when people search for logo design packages South Africa, they are likely looking for corporate identity design packages.

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