About Msimelelo Makatesi

The journey began in Cape Town 2016

Since 2016, I’ve grown to understand better the role of design in business. Most of us when starting our design careers we know nothing about business, all we want to do is design the coolest logo.

#1 A quick overview

Hi, I’m Msimelelo Makatesi brand identity designer and now inspiring digital marketer

When I started my freelance journey in 2016 I knew nothing about business or how to design an effective logo that reflects on the values of a brand. Over the past couple of years I’ve learned a lot about branding, web design as well as SEO marketing and how these three together can help grow your business. So if you’ve spent a lot of money trying to get your brand image together, you’ve finally come to the right place.

#2 Know what's good for your business

You’re in the right place if :

You are tired of trying to do everything by yourself from being a CEO to designer and now you want help to make your brand identity and website to look even more professional. You want your entire brand image to speak to your ideal client from logo design to business card and website. You know a website combined with an on-going SEO campaign is the most effective way to market to your niche. If that sounds like you, you’re the kind of entrepreneur I’d like to work with.

Be you
Be unique
Make a difference

We’re a branding agency in Cape Town that believes you are who you are, because you are unique and want to use your brand to make an impact. With our logo design, branding and web design process we can help you build a brand that reflects what you stand for.

#3 Let's talk business

If you’re tired of a R500 or FREE logo that just looks beautiful and says nothing about your brand