Hi, I'm Msimelelo Makatesi

I’m the designer you turn to when you need help with your logo design, WordPress website design or packaging design.

Msimelelo Makatesi Graphic Designer in Cape Town

Brand your company and make the most of your website by optimising it for Google search so you can start getting new clients each week.

When I started as a freelance logo designer in 2016, I knew nothing about digital marketing or SEO. Neither did I know how to design an effective logo that reflects the core (vision, mission and values) of your brand.

Most of us when we start our design careers we think we know it all but there’s a business side of things that we don’t get taught at school. All we want to do is to design the most coolest logo or magazine and it wasn’t different with me.

I had just started as a intern graphic designer at one of Cape Town’s web design companies, just 6 months in my internship I decided to call it quits. Why? You might ask. Simply put I wasn’t happy with my take home versus the amount of work I was doing.

So, I said to myself, let me rather go the freelance route thinking to myself I will market my services via Facebook and Gumtree. Fortunately at the time Facebook’s algorithm had not changed yet so I managed to get a few projects without paying a cent.

That quickly changed when Facebook decided to change their algorithm such that if you post in a group chances are only few people will see your post unless you do paid ads.

On the other hand, Gumtree was even worse, if you post something now an hour later its moved down to page 15, who will see it there? So I decided to give Google ads a try, with my little digital marketing knowledge I ended up spending over R3000 in three days and I had managed to get 2 inquiries.

And that is when I started learning about SEO. Since then I’ve learned how search engine optimisation works, applied the tactics I learned to rank my pages so I can constantly get new clients without using pay per click advertising.

In the past couple of years I’ve learned a lot about branding, web design as well as SEO marketing and how these three together can help grow your business. So now, I want to use the knowledge and skills I’ve learned to help you brand your company and apply the same SEO tactics that help me constantly get new clients to help you acquire client leads using your website.

Does this sound like the story of your everyday life? I can help you change all that and double your sales in less than a year.

To be more specific, I can help you use the time you spend marketing your business on Facebook groups and Gumtree to service your clients.

  • Book a 30 min consulting meeting so I can learn about your business
  • Choose a suitable plan for your business
  • We get paperwork out of the way
  • And we start working to turn your business around
  • Sounds like a deal?
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