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South African Graphic Designer Msimelelo Makatesi

Msimelelo is a South African graphic designer with independent creative design agency in Cape Town. With 7 yrs of identity design experience crafting bold logo designs in Cape Town for ambitious brands you can rest assured your brand is in the right hands.

Freelance Graphic Designer in Cape Town

Logo design briefing & proposal

Every successful project had a brief serving as a guideline in every step of the process. The same principle applies to the process of logo designing. Writing a creative brief can be a bit difficult especially if you never done one before.


Like many logo designers out there I’ve developed as set of questions which if answered properly will give me a full over view of your brand.


Once I receive the logo design brief, I will then draft a proposal around the project’s scope. The logo design or project proposal will include but not limited to the project timeline, costs and more.


If you’re happy with the proposal, you will then sign and return together with the amount stipulated on the proposal for phase one of the project.

Research & Conceptualization

Research is one of the most important key elements of a great design. It helps to understand the product better, the people the design is intended for. Knowing the audience you design for will answer most questions you might have like:


Who is the target audience, what design style appeals to them; fonts, colours e.t.c. These questions play a critical role in developing a successful brand image.


Once I’m happy with my research I then put together the peaces of the puzzle from your brief together with my findings.


I will develop quite a few logo concepts and continue to trim down to the best two that will best present the brand.

Revisions and Project completion

From the concepts presented, you’ll choose the best idea to focus on. Then we can refine it through a few iterations until it’s just right. When you’ve approved the designs, I’ll create the final artwork files and email them to you.


Once the logo is finished we may then proceed to next phase which includes the design of stationery, social media branding and visual language of the brand.


This phase is optional but it can help you kickoff your marketing campaigns with a great consistent visual look. 


I am always ready to take on new projects, if you have a logo project coming do not hesitate to contact me.

Freelance Graphic Designer in Cape Town

About me

I am self-taught graphic designer based in Philippi, Cape Town. My career in graphic design started 7 years ago while I was still residing in Soweto, Gauteng. I moved to Cape Town in 2014 and have worked at Web Partner and at Circle Media Development both based in Cape Town


At both companies my duties and responsibilities included designing of logo design project from concept to final product, brand identity style guides, business stationery designs including business cards, letterheads, email signatures and corporate folders.


Print Marketing Material: Designing of all print marketing materials including roll-up banners, corporate brochures/business profiles, posters, flyers, calendars and more.


My career highlights include the redesigning of A Place to Shop logo, new logo & brand identity design for a make up shop Kolorz in Johannesburg just to name a few.


I’m also a founder of 2Colour Bean a small independent graphic design agency based in Cape Town. Currently I am in the process of repositioning the brand and hoping to relaunch early in 2020.

How long does it take for you to present initial logo concepts?

A typical logo projects takes me about one to two weeks to present initial concepts. Unfortunately I no longer take on projects with turnaround times shorter than 7 working days.

Do you create 3D logos?

No, the logo samples above should give you a general idea of the logo style(s) you might expert. Besides 3D logos are not scalable defeating the purpose of having a logo that can be used across multiple marketing channels.

How much do you charge for a logo design?

Logo costs varies depending on complexity of the project and the information provided on the brief. If you provide enough information on the brief that means I will spend less time researching and more time creating solutions, that will cost less than a project with no brief.

How many revisions do you offer?

Unlimited revisions but I reserve the right to charge for additional revisions should I feel the client can't make up their minds.

How do I get started?

Send me your inquiry using the contact form, below. I will send you a creative brief questionnaire which you need to answer and email back so I can draft an accurate proposal for your project.

Other logo design questions

You can email to: hi(at)msimelelomakatesi.co.za or using the contact form below.

Logo designer in Cape Town

More than just a logo design

Logo design is more than just a combination of symbol and text, it is the foundation to the whole experience you want people to feel when interacting with your brand, either physical interaction or digital experience. Logo inspires the creativity behind every marketing campaign of your business. I help brands define who they are through creating relevant visual images inline with their visions.

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